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THIS week on LIVE from the Midnight Circus we have a great line up of shows for you ..

on Sunday on The Indie Authority our featured artist is the legendary __!! ..


On Monday on  Radio we have the __! FaceBookInvite

on Peachtree Radio FM we have KaiL Baxley!!


Tuesday we talk with KaiL Baxley 2pm – 5pm on Peachtree Radio FM  FaceBookInvite

No matter what show you tune into .. you are will experiance the best in what is happening TODAY in Blues ..

You will hear the artists that are out there touring and creating NEW Original music .. INDIE Blues!!! ..

Directly from the #1 and Original INDIE BLUES radio show

2pm – 5pm on Peachtree Radio FM !!
You won’t want to miss this show!


The only show dedicated 100% To the Touring INDIE BLUES artist! We have a great show lined up for you this week .. along with great music from indie blues artist from around the world ..


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